Locale en_RU 0.5.2-1



This is locale en_RU.

Locale en_RU is English language locale for Russia. It consistently sticks to English language, but makes other parameters more suitable for Russians, e. g.: it utilizes 24-hour clock, ISO 8601 date format, metric units, etc. See Locale en_RU home page for more detailed user-oriented description.

Locale en_RU is a glibc locale, it works for GNU/Linux.


See VERSION.txt for version and release numbers.


See INSTALL.en.md for instructions how to build and install the locale en_RU from sources.

See Locale en_RU home page for instructions how to install the locale en_RU from prebuilt RPM packages and use it. If for any reason Locale en_RU home page is not available on-line, you can read it off-line — look for "HTML documentation" in INSTALL.en.md.

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