Locale en_RU 0.5.2-1


This document describes building the locale en_RU from sources. Using the locale is described in Locale en_RU home page.


Following tools are used in building:

Tools with comment in parenthesis are optional.


Unpack the source tarball first:

$ tar xaf locale-en_RU-VERSION.tar.gz
$ cd locale-en_RU-VERSION

In-source build is prohibited, so you have to create build directory and change to it before running configure:

$ mkdir _build
$ cd _build

All the intermediate files and results (including locale, HTML pages and RPM packages) will be located in the build directory.


Run configure from within build directory:

$ ../configure

If some optional tools are missed, configure will disable corresponding targets in makefile. Two options may be useful:


Do not look for rpmbuild tool, do not build RPM packages.


Do not look for pandoc tool, do not build HTML pages.

This option affects locale:


yes enables ruble sign (₽, U+20BD) as currency symbol. Build fails if ruble symbol is not supported (glibc supports ruble symbol starting from 2.2). no disables ruble sign, generic currency symbol (¤, U+00A4) is used instead. auto enables ruble symbol if glibc supports it.

Run configure --help to see list of all available options.


Then run make:

$ make

By default, RPM packages and HTML pages are not built. To build them, specify targets rpm and/or html as targets in the command line:

$ make rpm html

All GNU-Automake-standard targets (check, dist, etc) are supported. There are some non-standard convenience targets, run

$ make help

to see them.


To execute tests, run

$ make check

Note: In contrast to make all which does not build RPM packages and HTML pages, make check tests all components, including optional ones. You may want to disable RPMs and HTML completely by

$ ../configure --disable-rpm --disable-html


To install built RPM package using either rpm, yum, or dnf:

# rpm -i locale-en_RU-VERSION-RELEASE.noarch.rpm


# yum install locale-en_RU-VERSION-RELEASE.noarch.rpm


# dnf install locale-en_RU-VERSION-RELEASE.noarch.rpm

Installing locale en_RU through make has a disadvantage: make copies the locale file to proper location, but not enables it. To enable installed locale, you have to run

# localedef -c -i en_RU -f UTF-8 en_RU.UTF-8

Moreover, every update of glibc-common package disables all third-party locales so you will have to (re)enable locale en_RU. RPM package automates all the tasks, letting you install-and-forget.

If you still want to install freedns-afraid through make, run:

# make install

Note: rpm, yum, dnf, make, localedef should be run by root.